Week 13/Rivalry Week Predictions (Part I)

#1 Alabama vs #6 Auburn

Every time I pick against Alabama, they always prove me wrong. I️ picked them in the game against Mississippi State, and that game was almost an upset. I️ believe that Auburn is better than the Mississippi State team that Alabama faced two weeks ago. The winner of this game will represent the SEC West in the SEC Championship in Atlanta, Georgia, against the Georgia Bulldogs. I would pick Auburn, but my record is very bad when I pick against Bama. With that being said, I believe Bama will pull away in this game by a slight margin, so watch out! P.S. – Hope Alabama’s kickers bring their A game, or they will lose this game for them. Alabama 27, Auburn 24.

#7 Georgia vs Georgia Tech

I think Georgia Tech will be a hard game for this Georgia squad, but I also believe Jake Fromm will make some good throws to help the Bulldogs pull away and win the game. Georgia 34, Georgia Tech 21

Florida State vs Florida

Boy, what a year this has been for the college football programs in the State of Florida. On one hand, you have an undefeated Miami team who’s the midst of competing for a spot in the College Football Playoffs, and an undefeated UCF (University of Central Florida) who’s also trying to stay undefeated for the whole season. On the other hand, you have two of your biggest college football teams looking awful this year and I mean awful. Both Florida and Florida State has a combined record of 8-12. Hopefully, their game won’t be as disappointing as their season has been. Florida State 23, Florida 17

Texas A&M vs #18 LSU

LSU had their struggle earlier this year while Texas A&M has recently fallen apart. Their head coach, Kevin Sumlin, is expected to be fired after this game. I want to say LSU will win this game, but I believe that the Texas A&M players will win one last game for Coach Sumlin before he is on his way out. Texas A&M 24, LSU 20

#3 Clemson vs South Carolina

I think South Carolina will give Clemson a run for their money, but Clemson takes the win in the end. Clemson 34 , South Carolina 24

#9 Ohio State vs Michigan

Ohio State desperately wants to find a way into the CFB Playoffs before their season comes to an end. They need a need upset games and the liking of the playoff committee to sway their way to do so. I believe JT Barrett will torch this Michigan defense for three touchdowns, while Mike Weber score one and the defense plays stellar defense.

Ohio State 31, Michigan 10

#4 Oklahoma vs West Virginia

Baker Mayfield won’t be starting but the Sooners will need him in the game, without a doubt. West Virginia won’t have their quarterback, Will Grier, as he is out with a broken finger. I still believe that West Virginia is good enough to compete with Oklahoma until Mayfield gets in the game and takes over. He will get Oklahoma to score at least 40 and win the game. Oklahoma 48, West Virginia 17


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