Week 13/Rivalry Week Predictions (Part II)

#8 Notre Dame vs #21 Stanford

Now this game is a tough game to call. I think it will come down to which Heisman running back will make the most plays against the opponent’s defense. I do think there will be an upset with a score by Bryce Love in overtime. Stanford 31, Notre Dame 27

#5 Wisconsin vs Minnesota

Wisconsin’s key will be their running back, Johnathan Taylor, running over 100 yards and scoring two touchdowns to get Wisconsin into the Big Ten Championship undefeated. Wisconsin 27, Minnesota 13

#2 Miami vs Pittsburgh

It is a possibility that Miami could be upset, but I think they will take over the game and destroy Pittsburgh. Look to see a lot of Miami’s turnover chain out during Saturday Game. Miami 38, Pittsburgh 10

Baylor vs #12 TCU

Baylor will try for their second victory of the season, but the Horned Frogs will deny them of that as they take the victory. Baylor 10, TCU 28

#10 Penn State vs Maryland

This will be the Saquon Barkley show as I predict he will score at least two touchdowns running and maybe even catch a pass for a touchdown. Penn State 34, Maryland 14

Ole Miss vs #14 Mississippi State

The game will be close until after the first quarter. That where Nick Fitzgerald will take over and lead Mississippi State to a comfortable victory.

Mississippi State 35, Ole Miss 20

 #19 Oklahoma State vs Kansas

Oklahoma State’s loss last week to Kansas State was a little shocking. After Oklahoma dominated Kansas, I look for Oklahoma State to do the same. Simply. (Unless they somehow find a way to lose again.) Oklahoma State 52, Kansas 13

Texas State vs Troy

Troy will keep Texas State in this game before pulling away late in the game. Troy 27, Texas State 14

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