Aliens Of The Week

Week 2: The New York Giants – In a season full of injuries, the team that once picked to win their division, the NFC East as well as be a favorite to compete for the Super Bowl, were one of the most disappointing team of 2017. Injuries to Odell Beckham Jr and Brandon Marshall as well as long time starter, Eli Manning being benched in favor of Geno Smith. Oh yeah, did I mention that the Giants Head Coach And their general manager was fired midway through the season. Sad, right? Now, we have this Eli Apple issue where “he’s a cancer to the team.” “Hopefully, the Giants can have a nice offseason and everything get better for them next year.

Week 3: Playoffs Committee – In wake of UCF’s Peach Bowl victory over #7 Auburn, the playoff committee was under fire for not putting the undefeated team in the playoffs. In my opinion, I would love to eight teams playoffs but that won’t happen soon.

Week 4: Alabama’s kickers – In all of the big moments where Alabama would need a kick to help get them a win, most of the time, Alabama would end up missing the field goal. In the National Championship with three seconds left in the game, Alabama was in Georgia’s territory with a chance to win the National Championship. Their kicker step on to the field, set up the kick, and miss the kick sending it wide left earning a huge reaction from fans inside the stadium as well as fans all over the world. Even though the game went to overtime, Alabama would find a way to win the game 26-23. Please Alabama, recruit a kicker that can make a kick in the big moments please!

Week 5 Steve Sarkisian – Seems like everyone is blaming Sarkisian for the Atlanta Falcons lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2018 Divisional Round matchup and Alabama’s lost in the 2017 National Championship Game lost to Clemson. I would blame him too for Falcons lost to the Eagles. During their final drive when they was down five with two minutes left, Sarkisian made some questionable decisions. One was a flip pass to the running back from Matt Ryan on second and goal that almost resulted in a fumble the other way. On their final offensive play, Sarkisian called a play where Matt Ryan would scramble to the right and throw it up. Obviously the play didn’t win and Falcons was eliminated. The play calls was dumb. Why didn’t he called more plays towards Julio Jones by the goal line. No one will ever know. Sarkisian probably won’t be back as the Offensive coordinator in Atlanta but it he do, good luck Atlanta.

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