Several WWE Superstars who will win a title before WrestleMania 35

With WrestleMania 34 just coming to an end a few weeks ago, here are several WWE superstars who could or will win a title before WrestleMania 35.

1. Daniel Bryan – The Leader of the Yes Movement is back and don’t think he won’t be around any world championship or the United States Championship. Whether he fighting for either title, I believe he will eventually win one title Before WrestleMania 35 comes.

2. Samoa Joe – With the move to Smackdown and hoping that he will stay healthy all year, there’s no reason to believe that Joe won’t win the U.S. Title or maybe even the WWE Championship some part before WrestleMania.

3. Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt – Former rivals turned teammates, these two will somewhat get a tag team match ended with them winning the Raw Tag Team Championship.

4. Asuka – Even though her streak was broken at WrestleMania, Asuka is still one of the top wrestlers in WWE. While on Smackdown, she could end up beating Carmella or Charlotte Flair for her first ever title.

5. Finn Balor – The first ever Universal Champion is still chasing the title he technically never lost. With Brock Lesnar maybe dropping the title some part in future to compete in the UFC, look for Balor to one of the first people to contend for the title.

6. Roman Reigns – What’s a list without the Big Dog. Reigns still to get title shot after title shot after title shot. Like I said above with Lesnar, Reigns could be the one to take the title off the Beast and become your future Universal Champion.

7. Bobby Lashley – If WWE wants someone new to feud with Brock Lesnar, why not choose someone who is kind of the same as him. Building Lesnar vs Lashley to fight at Summerslam with a huge match similarity to the Lesnar’s fight against Goldberg.

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