Dear College Football Committee

Dear CFP Committee and Die-Hard Fans:

There has been a lot of conversation and debate about this undefeated UCF football team and whether they belong in the CFB Playoffs in January. Do I personally think that UCF should be in the playoffs if they win out? Sure, but they don’t have a single signature win over anyone in the top 25. Their biggest test so far this season was a 6-4 Temple team who scored 40 points on them and a 6-4 Memphis team who they barely beat, 31-30. If they could beat the #24 ranked Cincinnati team on Saturday, it will be their first win over a Top 25 team all season. Right now, the only way UCF could possibly make the playoffs is if everyone in front of them loses a game or two now until the committee makes the bowl selection. I do though, have a proposal for you, the College Football Committee. Right now, #3 Norte Dame is also undefeated as they have a 10-0 record. They do however have a signature win over a #4 Michigan who has looked pretty dang good the entire season. They also do have a game this weekend against an 8-2 Syracuse who ranks #12 in the CFB Polls. If Norte Dame wins out beating Syracuse and USC, they are surely making the College Football Playoffs. Norte Dame doesn’t have a Conference Championship game to compete in like the other Power Five schools, so they won’t be selected as Conference Champions. UCF does have American Athletic Conference Championship they will play in, assuming they beat Cincinnati. If they play in the conference championship game, they will either be playing against an SMU team that they already beat 48-20 or an 8-3 Houston team that has a potential #1 overall draft pick in a defensive tackle, Ed Oliver. Let’s say UCF beats either one. How about we let UCF and Norte Dame play in a Winner-Takes-All game? Whoever wins goes to the playoffs and the loser doesn’t. Simple, right?


A College Football Watcher And Lover

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