Ranking The Top Ten Teams with the best shot of winning the NCAA Tournament


With the NCAA Tournament being unveiled, here is our list with the Top Ten Teams with the best shot of winning the NCAA Tournament.

  1. Duke Blue Devils – Zion Williamson is back healthy for the Blue Devils and he rejoined a team that featuring ACC leading scorer RJ Barrett, Cam Reddish, and Tre Jones. With legendary Coach K leading the way, I expect the Blue Devils to steamroll their way to the Final Four. I do believe that #2 Michigan State, #3 LSU, and #4 Virginia Tech, could all give Duke a run for their money on their own to a Final Four, but ultimately, this is Duke’s games to lose. I believe out of the four #1 seeds, Duke is the favorite to win this year title.


  1. Gonzaga Bulldogs – With one of the most high-powered offenses in the nation, I have Gonzaga with the second-best chance of winning the tournament. Gonzaga is very efficient at scoring and come into the tournament winning their last 21 of 22 games. If they can get by Florida State, who I believe will give them problems and Michigan, who always get lucky around this time of the year, I think the Bulldogs have a strong chance of making the Final Four. If they can get past a potential rematch against Duke in the Final Four, I believe they have a strong chance of cutting down the net in April.


  1. Virginia Cavaliers – Even though I don’t trust this team, the Cavaliers seems to have an easy road to a final four. They did, however, have a potential roadblock in the form of Tennessee. If they can avoid getting upsetting on their way to the Final Four, I believe they can compete with any of the final four teams and have a chance of winning the championship.


  1. Tennessee Volunteers – Tennessee is one of those teams that has a stacked If anyone can make a run towards the title, it will be them. Tennessee’s region isn’t as tough as the other teams on this list, but they do, however, have a potential matchup against the #1 seed Cavaliers of Virginia. If they can get past Virginia, I believe the Volunteers can find themselves inside the National Championship game. Keep an eye on Tennessee.


  1. Michigan State Spartans – Getting back Nick Ward will help the Spartans a lot. The Spartans are very efficient on both ends of the floor. They lead the nation in assist rate, can crash the offensive glass, and they shoot very well. If they can avoid getting upsetting by #10 seed Minnesota and beat #3 seed LSU, Michigan State can give Duke a run for their money. We’ll just have to see what happen.


  1. Kentucky Wildcats – Coach Calipari has been to the tournament about a hundred times now, so he knows how to get a team to the championship game. With PJ Washington coming into his own and looking like one of the best players in the SEC, Kentucky has a chance to make a run. A team that will stand in the Wildcats way, providing they make it to the Elite Eight, will be the North Carolina Tar Heels. If they can slow down the Tar Heels down without turning the ball over, Kentucky can make their way to the Final Four where they most likely have to play Tennesse, Virginia, Duke, or Gonzaga.


  1. North Carolina Tar Heels – Out of the four #1 seeds, I think North Carolina got the short end as I believe they have the toughest region to play in. #8 seed Utah State, #5 seed Auburn, and #2 seed Kentucky can all give the Tar Heels problem. If the Tar Heels can survive, they will most likely have a rematch with Virginia or playing against Tennessee in the final four. You never know what can happen in this tournament, but I do believe that North Carolina is one of the best overall teams in this tournament. They’ll just have to survive and advance every game.



  1. LSU Tigers – Ranked in the top five in the nation in both steals and offensive rebound percentage, the Tigers have a very good team and if they can stay motivated, they can make a run towards the Final Four. They will probably have to go through a tough Michigan State team and an even tougher Duke team, but don’t count the Tigers out.


  1. Texas Tech Red Raiders – Led by Jarrett Culver, Texas Tech have been one of the best teams in the nation as of late and come into the tournament with a lot of momentum. Their defense ranked in the top five in terms of defensive efficiency. They do have their fair shares of hard games, as they are trying to come out of West Region that also featuring Gonzaga, Michigan, and Florida State. If the Red Raiders can beat those teams, they can go against the other Final Four teams.


  1. Michigan Wolverines – One of my sleeper pick in this year tournament along with Auburn is #2 Michigan. Their defense is very good, and they don’t foul their opponents a lot. Michigan rank in the top 20 in both two-point and three-point field goal defense. If they could avoid being upsetting by Nevada, Florida, Texas Tech, and Buffalo, I believe they have a real shot at getting past Gonzaga and getting to the Final Four, and maybe, win the championship.

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