NFL Mock Draft 2.0

With free agency seemingly being over, we’re less than one month away from the NFL Draft. Here’s my mock draft 2.0 Arizona Cardinals – QB Kyler Murray, Oklahoma While the Cards do have QB Josh Rosen, they will move on from him as they select QB Kyler Murray. Murray is not the biggest quarterback, but... Continue Reading →

SS NFL Mock Draft 1.0

This year NFL Draft is shaping up to be a very interesting one. You have a lot of defensive players who could get in the Top Ten of this draft. You also have four guys who could all go number one this year. Without further ado, welcome to my Mock Draft 1.0. Hope you enjoy... Continue Reading →

The Not So Hot Start

The Steelers and Browns Finished Their Week 1 Game In A Tie    The Pittsburgh Steelers started this season against the Cleveland Browns without their starting running back, Le’Veon Bell, due to his contract issues (which probably won't be resolved this season). The game started out pretty slow since both teams didn’t score until the... Continue Reading →

Week One: The Cleveland Browns

The Browns are the only NFL team to have just one win in their last 32 games. I feel bad for this team. You can name many faults for why the Browns do not have any wins this season, from having over 23 starting quarterbacks since 2000, lack of talent, or lack of coaching experience.... Continue Reading →

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